Trisha is back with a bang, as Janu in 96!

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 15, 2018 19:14 hrs

She's the only Tamil heroine with maximum number of blockbuster hits in Tamil and Telugu and no actress has come anywhere close to her on it. 

No one expected 96 to create the kind of hysteria it did! Says Trisha: "Honestly speaking even we didn't expect it to (laughs) It's too overwhelming, I really didn't expect this to happen ever again in my career. Of course, I value it and cherish it but at the same time, it's not something I take seriously because it happened on it's own. It's nice to see that all the hard work has paid off"

Janu in 96 will remain one of the most powerful characters Trisha has essayed on screen. Despite being in the industry for more than a decade and staying on top for the longest time and having seen so much of ups and down in her career, Trisha feels blessed. 

"When director Prem first met me, he said that 96 will be made only if I come on board as he had written the script keeping me in mind. I was really happy that he believed in me that I could pull off Janu as he had visualized. Every film becomes what it eventually becomes because of the people associated with it. Prem was so clear about everything- right from the clip on my hair, my costume, make-up, the way I put the key card of my hotel room in my pocket to the way I walk".  

Not only in multiplexes in Cities all over Tamilnadu, even in single screens in small towns, 96 has slowly but surely become a cult classic. Collections and demand for tickets doubled every day . Audiences all over Tamil Nadu are cheering and whistling for the ‘Kadhaale Kadhaale’ BGM and the introduction scene for Trisha where she gets out of the car and walks with the camera following her. 96 has become that one Tamil film which is getting repeat audience after a long time. Families and groups from school and college are endorsing the film with good word-of-mouth. The biggest advantage is that it is a clean, family film which evokes nostalgia.  

’96’ released right after Trisha’s two films ‘Nayagi’ and ‘Mohini’ failed to set the box office on fire. While naysayers were busy writing off Trisha, the actress proved the old saying ‘Form is temporary and class is permanent’!  It takes great maturity for an actress like Trisha to play a 37-year-old married girl in Tamil cinema but she carried the role with so much class and dignity. Unlike Vijay Sethupathi, Trisha enters 15 minutes before the intermission in ’96’ but at the end of the day, both the characters stay in our minds which shows the impact created by the actress in the film.

The yellow cotton kurta, blue jeans and the blue silk stole which Trisha wears in ’96’ has become very popular among the youngsters. Dubsmash videos of her dialogue ‘Ippo onnu sollanumnu thonuthu…aana solla maten’ is also being shared by hundreds of young girls on social media. Almost all top stars and technicians are openly raving about Trisha and 96 on digital platforms. In Kerala, 96 is making waves and is turning out to be a blockbuster hit. The remake rights of 96 is hot in Telugu and Hindi.

After ’96’, Trisha is now looking forward to Rajinikanth’s Petta and she is also flooded with more offers in Kollywood as the producers and filmmakers in Tamil cinema have understood that their South Queen and her fan base is unshakable.