Trisha speaks on brand, fashion and beauty secret!

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 12, 2013 04:11 hrs

​If you had to pick out one person in Tamil cinema who has a mind of her own, it will definitely be Trisha. She is a superstar and stealer of million hearts who has always done her own thing.

Here the actress shares her gyaan on brands, fashion and assets. takes note

Q:One thing you would kill for?

To eat chocolates to my heart’s content and never put out on weight or have a skin breakout

Q:If not an actress, what would you be?

Would be a criminal psychologist as I was studying to be that

Q:If you woke up as a guy one day?

Lift 50 kgs in the gym and feel good about it

Q:The fashion brand you drool over?


Q:A beauty secret you swear by?

Workout and your skin is at its most beautiful

Q:The one thing you will never be caught dead wearing?

Anything Lycra

Q:The one fashion accessory you dig?

My chopard dancing diamond watch

Q:Your hottest asset?

(Lol) My face and legs

Q:How would you define your style in one word?



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