Turning 30!!! review: Vibrant & fun

Turning 30!!! review: Vibrant & fun

Source: Sify

By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 16 January 2011

Movie Title

Turning 30


Alankrita Shrivastava

Star Cast

Gul Panag,Purab Kohli,Siddharth Makkar,Tillotama Shome

This may well be a common genre abroad ? but the 'chick flick' is just about getting its foot in the door in Bollywood.

You could say Aisha was last year's film in this category. But while Aisha trailed the life of its over-privileged protagonist, Turning 30!!! Is all about the gritty life of an agency creative head who's battling a work situation where her ideas are getting stolen while managing a broken heart.

Naina's (Gul Panag) fiance dumps her the very day she was expecting him to propose. He has found a wealthy, younger woman and Naina is devastated.

Simultaneously, her work life plummets as she gets unfairly fired. And if all this wasn't enough, Naina also has to face the unavoidable event of turning 30, an age where her mother reminds her, it's even more difficult to find a groom.

Naina represents the vibrant chunk of Mumbai that has left its hometown to make it big. She's living alone and her friends are her family. This desi Sex and the City gang includes a blissfully married Rukhsana (Jeneva Talwar) and the perennially wise Malini (Tillotama Shome).

The film then goes on to trail how Naina braves up to this phase of her life, and how, as the film preaches, there is spring after winter or some such. Which brings us to the film's writing, or more likely, over-writing. A sentence that could've been done in two words has twenty; a dialogue that should explain its point swiftly, goes on, establishing the point and then explaining it.

Another sore point is the bizarre reaction of the friends when one of their partners is caught cheating: the character happily accepts the philandering ways and all the friends can say is " long as you are happy".

You'll also have to forgive the frequent relying on cliches and the few clumsy portions to enjoy the movie.

The film is impressive in its atmospherics. Whether it's a surprise birthday, the friends playing Truth or Dare, women cheering at a hen-party with male strippers, the unpleasant office dynamics, or the caring housemaid: it?s all superbly authentic and refreshingly gimmick-free.

The film is not devoid of style, and debut director Alankrita Shrivastava shows up some clever tricks through the editing and cinematography. Music is another plus. Of course the film has that hurriedly wrapped-up and hardly plausible happy ending, but that's a given with the genre.

Naina's character is instantly likeable and you'll love the little touches like Naina frowning at ads for anti-ageing products, right on the eve of her birthday.

Gul Panag gives it her all, making the character a living, breathing, identifiable protagonist. Alankrita Shrivastava's first film is modern, vibrant and fun. Worth a sample!

3 stars

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