Twitter reacts to Drake's #InMyFeelingsChallenge video

Last Updated: Fri, Aug 03, 2018 21:04 hrs

[USA], August 02 (ANI): Hollywood rapper Drake's 'In My Feelings' video is out and Twitterverse is exploding with comments.

The video features cameos by Lala Anthony, Big Freedia, Phylicia Rashad and some of the fans who posted their own versions of In My Feelings (#KikiChallenge) dance challenge.

The song grabbed the number one spot in Billboard's Hot 100 list, last month.

A user tweeted, "Boy drake tryna put on this lil New Orleans accent in this video is killing me."

Another tweeted, "the retro vibes, the warm colors aesthetic, the good energy, the fucking lil wayne wall and the footages at the end... omfg i love EVERYTHING about this video #InMyFeelingsVideo"

Some got excited to see people they know featuring in the video.

One tweeted, "I screamed so loud when i saw hoseok in drake's mv. i scared tf out my sister omg #InMyFeelingsVideo"

While others are flipped out after seeing actress Phylicia Rashad in the vidoe.

"as soon as I saw Phylicia Rashad in this video it instantly became my favorite oh my god she is EVERYTHING. #InMyFeelingsVideo," tweeted a fan."

Another tweeted, "I was really about watch the #InMyFeelingsVideo on my phone like a pauper until I saw Phylicia Rashad... MAMA DESERVES MY FULL ATTENTION ON MY BIG FULL SCREEN"

The song went viral after Shiggy, an internet comedian, started the '#InMyFeelingsChallenge' with his hilarious dance video. The challenge is also popularly known as '#KikiChallenge'. (ANI)

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