Ullathai Killathe

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 19/5

Friday 10 August 2001

Movie Title

Ullathai Killathe



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Kushboo is the only daughter of a rich businessman. She is an art lover and one day she sees Suresh display his paintings on the roadside. She takes a liking to the paintings and takes steps to put it up in a gallery and popularise it. The paintings and the painter become famous and soon Suresh is the talk of the town. Kushboo falls in love with Suresh.

One day Kushboo?s dreams of being a wife to an artist like Suresh falls apart when she sees Suresh holding hands with Supraja and walking down the lane of the park. ?Will she turn against Suresh? Is Suresh responsible for the heartbreak or is he an opportunistic man? These answers form the climax of the film which is a love story with a serious element in it, says director Vijaykanna.

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