US doctor offers Botox to hide poker fans' facial tells

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 09:40 hrs

A doctor from Manhattan is offering Botox injections to poker players to help them ensure that they keep a straight face when gambling.

New York-based Dr Jack Berdy calls his treatment "Pokertox" and says it is aimed at card players who don't want to unwittingly reveal their hand with a facial expression, the Daily Express reported.

"Very few people can maintain a real poker face,'' said Berdy. "They have some 'tells,' some expression that gives away that they have a good hand or a bad hand'' to an opponent," NBC Sports quoted Dr. Berdy, an East Side doctor of aesthetic medicine, as saying.

"We can inject Botox appropriately'' so the other player doesn't get the message that they're angry, disappointed or happy," he added.

Dr Berdy's injections, which cost between 600 and 800 dollars last for three months. (ANI)

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