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Review: Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana is missing something

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana
Sameer Sharma
Kunal Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Rajesh Sharma, Vipin Sharma, Vinod Nagpal, Dolly Ahluwalia, Rahul Bagga
GRuchirG | Mouthshut.com member
Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana in short is a one time watch. It has the desi mitti di mehak of Punjab and good acting. But in the end, it's a simple feel good movie with nothing special, simple plot, and could have been better. Everybody played their roles upto the mark, with special mention to Rajesh Sharma. Debutant director Sameer Sharma is good for the first attempt. Had the story and presentation been tauter, probably it would have had that taste which is missing.

Omi Khurana (Kunal Kapoor) has taken some money from Shanty (Manish Makhija), a UK gangsta, and he now wants it back. So Omi comes to India to steal some money from his family, which comprises an ill Darji (Vinod Nagpal), his chacha (Rajendra Sethi), loving Chachi, young brother Jeet (Rahul Bagga), Harman (Huma Qureshi), a love whom he left while running away from home. Omi knows that his Darji’s dhaba was a famous dhaba because of his Darji’s special dish, ‘Chicken Khurana’. So he figures that he will get money from the earnings, but finds Darji ill (unable to speak), and the Dhaba closed. Now he has to decide what he has to do to pay the money back to the Motorwala gangsta. Should he find out the secret recipe and sell it to the competitor dhabawala Kehar Singh (Vipin Sharma), or start the dhaba again.

Well, let me point out the positives and negatives of the movie simultaneously. The biggest positive thing is the feel and the set. It has the authentic smell of a Punjabi village, and a Punjabi family. Characters too are chosen well, though I felt that some characters don’t come out well, like the character of Buaji, played by Dolly Ahluwalia. But the character of Titu mama (Rajesh Sharma) was the best, he looked wacky and tacky and mad. The one-liners given to him are good ones.

Kunal and Huma do their roles as per the demand. Kunal is a fine actor, and he shows it here as well.

The music is good, especially the two songs Kikli Kalerdi (sung by Amit Trivedi, Pinky and Yo Yo Honey Singh), and Motorwada (Tochi Raina, Amit Trivedi). The lyrics have a regional feel and once again it's Amit Trivedi with the different kinda music.

The movie took off slowly and went at the smooth pace. But the second half is better than the first one. Some dialogues are annoying, like the one which comes 3-4 times in the movie “Pound deja, Dreams leja”.

The movie can be watched once for the Punjab di khushboo and backdrop. And the movie is a good family movie. Unfortunately, this film lacks that secret ingredient.

Rating: Three out of five stars

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