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An almost perfect adieu to the King of Romance

Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Yash Chopra
Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma
jovi_cud | Mouthshut.com member
Coming to the review of movie let me admit I was very eager to watch this movie for various reasons. First, because it was Mr Yash chopra's last movie who according to me was and will always be King of Romance. Nobody conveys romace with conviction the way Mr Yash chopra did. Second, the pairing of Katrina Kaif and SRK.

I would not be focussing on the plot or the story of movie as the same has been discussed by others in their reviews. What I would like to highlight is whatís good, whatís bad and my final views on the movie .

WHATíS GOOD : The old vintage romance showcased by Mr chopra. Mr Yash chopra in his last movie had created that magical world for the last time on silver screen and this itself is worthy enough to experience his last vision of romance. Mr Yash Chopra, take a bow!

Acting by all the leads are good. Special mention to Anushka and SRK. I know lot of people had their personal views on SRK's acting methods. Many say that he gives the same expression in all his movies but according to me all the superstars do have limited expressions starting from Mr Rajesh khanna and even the perfectionist, Mr Amir khan. SRK has done a good job. He has done exactly what was expected of him.

Music by A R Rahman is good if not excellent. But thanks to some great cinematography and choreography the songs look and sound better on silver screen. Ishq Shava is one such song.

Last but not least, the cinematography which gave us the mesmerising locales of Pehalgam and Ladakh, come alive on celluloid. London, on the other hand, is beautiful.\

WHATS BAD : There are many loopholes in the script and the killer is the running time of the movie. At 3 hrs running time this movie sometimes tests your patience especially in the second half. I personally feel if the movie had been edited better, it could have been more interesting.

Though Srk has done a commendable job, making him look and act like 22 years old didnít work for me.

FINALVERDICT : As I had mentioned in my title this is ALMOST a perfect adieu to the king of romance. It's not a perfect movie as per the standadrds of Mr Yash chopra.

Last but not least ,thank you Mr Yash Chopra for taking us to some magical world with every film that you directed. Thank you for making us believe in love and I'm sure many incuding me will remember you Jab Tak Hai Jaan. RIP, sir.

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