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Dabangg 2 is for Salman fans only!

Emptor | Mouthshut.com member
I caught this movie on Saturday and the theatre was only half occupied.

The movie started off with the camera focusing on an elite school in Kanpur and a child getting kidnapped, followed by a ransom call to the boys father, setting the tone for our protagonist Chulbul Pandey aka ’Kung Fu" Pandey to drive his jeep into the goons den and unleashing his by now, patented anti-gravity stunts viz. pushing over vehicles with one hand, striking a guy easily weighing over a 100kgs and sending him flying thru brick walls/doors and such. The kid is rescued and united with his parents and CB retains the ransom amount as contribution towards the ’Chulbul Pandey Welfare Fund’ - our guy's version of a modern day Robin Hood, where he donates a portion of the spoils and retains the major chunk, in this particular case, Rs.2L donated and Rs.8L retained for his own welfare!

The story is threadbare. CB gets a transfer to a big city - Kanpur - where he wants to demonstrate his style of policing. The city is in the clutches of a local corporator/MLA Bachhha Singh (Prakash Raj) and his siblings, Chunni (Nikitin Dheer) and Genda (Dobriyal). They run amok treating it as their personal fiefdom, doing as they please and eliminating anyone who opposes/crosses their path.

In such a build up and in a time when the uniform commands very little respect, it’s surprising that our CB gets away with so much, including ridiculing Chunni in public, Bachha Singh at a party and finally, killing Genda when the goon tries to drag a bride from the wedding mandap. The fight sequence in the dhaba is typical Chulbul Pandey of 'Dabangg' vintage. The correlation between ’Gulab Jamuns’ and a personal affliction, was a hoot and only Salman can pull it off.

For Prakash Raj, this is a major climb down as his character never gets to develop. After the strong roles he had in Wanted and Singham, he was completely wasted here. Anybody could have filled in for him considering the initial build up - the havan sequence where his on screen persona is introduced as larger than life, a baddie to the core, he is shown as completely subservient to his political mentor.

The only flash of menace he came close to essaying on the lines of his intro in Singham (the scene where he is shown strangling a child whose parents refused to pay the ransom), was the scene where he pushes Sonakshi’s Rajjo down the temple stairs resulting in a miscarriage. Otherwise, he was completely wasted.

There was nothing at all to compare to Salman's 'shirt ripping off his back' scene like in Dabangg. However, his belt seems to have a life of its own in the hud, hud dabangg dance.

Manoj Pahwa was shown as his usual gluttonous self, hogging on ’Pisa’ (Pizza) through the movie. His caricature of an SP is wasted.

Throughout the movie, Salman tantalises by wearing sleeveless vests and flashes his famous biceps, but refused to go totally topless, a departure from his usual willingness to exhibit his well toned upper torso. I guess it’s out of deference to the fact that age is catching up with him such as a hint of a slight paunch, evident throughout the movie. In fact, even the climactic fight sequence showed only his pectorals, with just one side view of his toned abs. His pectoral muscles looked decidedly in need of some toning up when compared to Nikitin.

One more scene that caught my eye was the manner he repeatedly kissed his wife, Rajjo on her cheeks. A departure from his usual no intimacy scenes on camera.

I found the song settings in plush 5 star environs, somewhat jarring as the songs had a rustic tone. Personally, didn’t like a single song, yeah, not even the adhesive one!

A credible first attempt at direction by Arbaaz Khan. Maybe the next time, he’ll have a script to support him.

Overall, I would recommend it for Salman fans.

Rating: Half a star (Definitely better than Ek Tha Tiger, but that's not really saying much.)

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