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Himmatwala: A remake, a tribute or, a joke?

Sajid Khan
Ajay Devgn, Tammannaah
Sumeet_C | member

Himmatwala! It definitely takes a lot of courage (Himmat for people to watch this movie in theatres and come out without getting pissed off. People who actually watched the movie are the true Himmatwalas.

I am mesmerized with the cinematic sense of Sajid Khan. He claims to be the Encyclopedia of Bollywood Cinema. It turns out to be a real shame for Bollywood. He claimed this movie to be a superhit way before itís release. I wonder from where he gets such overconfidence. He claims Himmatwala (original) to be his favourite movie. It clearly states what kind of taste and sense he has about cinema. He claims to have watched Himmatwala (original) 38 times and thatt proves what kind of understanding he has about cinema. He claims to collect all movie tickets he has watched till date, I guess his collection is going to grow enormously now with tickets of his own movie.

Himmatwala is Sajid Khan's tribute to 80ís cinema and with this review I am paying tribute to the people who watched the movie. What an awful way of wasting time and money and ruining a holiday.

I donít get why Ajay Devgan has been a part of the movie. He's done good roles. I wonder what tempted him to be a part of Himmatwala. Tamannah was not bad. She needed a platform and she got that. Paresh Rawal and Mahesh Manjhrekar are good actors but if the script has nothing then they canít help it either.

The music is average but again majority is borrowed from the original movie. Not only Music but Costumes, Sets, Choreography, etc. As

I read somewhere that Sajid Khan also claimed that if you donít like the movie you can claim for a refund. It didnít mention where to make the claim. If anyone knows by which source I can get the refund, please let me know. I may not get back the time I wasted but even if I get back the money, it will at least lower my frustration.

And Sajid, please grow up. You may think that those mindless things are entertaining but they are actually a headache.

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