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Chashme Baddoor: David Dhawan Back In Form And HOW!

Chashme Baddoor
Sai Paranjape
Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval, Saeed Jaffrey, Rakesh Bedi
fenil_seta | Mouthshut.com member
No one other than David Dhawan can be rightfully hailed as ‘King Of Comedies’ in Bollywood. The director started a new era in Bollywood with his comic capers which in turn inspired many filmmakers to churn out similar themed-films. Sadly, David’s last two films, Do Knot Disturb and Rascals, failed to impress audiences, with the latter being counted as his worst film. But thankfully, David Dhawan springs back in form, and how, with Chashme Baddoor! This one’s a total laugh riot!

The story of the movie: Siddharth (Ali Zafar), Omi (Divyendu Sharma) and Jay (Siddharth) are good friends who stay in a rented flat in Goa, owned by Josephine (Lilette Dubey). The penniless trio tries all the tricks in the book to avoid paying the rent to Josephine and also to sailor-turned-café owner Joseph Furtado (Risi Kapoor) whom they owe too. One fine day, the friends spot Seema (Taapsee Pannu) and the ‘kamina’ guys Omi and Jay try their luck on her and even reach her residence. But their plan misfires badly. Good-natured Jay, who doesn’t try her luck on Seema, bumps into her by chance and both fall for each other. However, the road ahead is not smooth, leading to misunderstandings, execution of devious plans and a lot of fun and laughter.

Chashme Baddoor has a brilliant start that sets the mood. Divyendu trying her luck on Seema was funny but Siddharth embarking on a similar idea isn’t impressive and that’s where the film fell. But the film picks up from the next sequence and in fact gets better. The intermission point is hilarious, to say the least! The fun continues in the second half. Again, there are patches where the film gets dragging with few scenes not having much of significance. For instance, Rishi Kapoor-Lilette Dubey’s romance that starts out beautifully fizzles out later. The misunderstandings created between them didn’t add much to the plot and the ease with which it gets sorted out (with the couple not even questioning the friends for the lies) seemed too convenient. Meanwhile, the ‘Miss Chamko’ bit in the old Chashme Buddoor was legendary. The same bit is used in David Dhawan’s version too, but unfortunately, doesn’t impress at all. Secondly, no explanation is given at all for the presence of poison in Ali Zafar’s drawer. The original version had Farooq giving a funny explanation for the same but in the remake, the makers and writer seemed to have fotgotten to tell the viewers about the same. Not done!

But the positives are far more in the film. There are scenes where the film gets absolutely crazy and goes at an all time high. Besides execution, the dialogues play a major part, especially the shayaris mouthed by Divyendu Sharma. The climax seemed hurried but had its moments. All in all, a great ride!

Ali Zafar plays his part with aplomb and gives his best shot. There are plenty of great actors in the film and in the midst of them, Ali maintains a strong position which is praiseworthy. Divyendu Sharma takes the cake thanks to his outstanding comic timing and the shayaris that he gets to mouth. After Pyaar Ka Punchnama, here’s yet another brilliant effort from the very talented actor! Taapsee Pannu has superb screen presence and is confident and natural. Her hairstyle and costumes at few places was however not very impressive. Siddharth too delivers a great performance but somehow, gets eclipsed in the presence of others. But a good effort nevertheless! Rishi Kapoor looks damn adorable and as always, performs well. Lilette Dubey as always looks stunning and plays her part with perfection. A treat to watch her on the big screen after a hiatus! Anupam Kher shines in the double role and the introduction of both of his characters was hilarious. Bharti Achrekar (Anupam’s mother) and Ayaz Khan (Major Pratap) were decent.

Sajid-Wajid’s music is energetic and goes well with the film’s mood. Ishq Mohallah gives a great commencement to the film. Har Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hai and Dhishkiyaoon Doom Doom too work big time but Early Morning and Andha Ghoda were alright. Sandeep Shirodkar’s background score is exhilarating. Sanjay F Gupta’s cinematography is apt. Sets look visually superb. Sajid-Farhad’s dialogues are one of the major strengths of the film. The duo has done a fine job every time, though they faltered with Himmatwala. But they spring back with Chashme Baddoor. Hopefully, they have done an equally good job in Chennai Express and their other forthcoming films! Renuka Kunzru’s screenplay is good for most of the part. However, she along with director David Dhawan deserves credit for not tampering with the original Chashme Buddoor that is considered a classic. As for David, it’s a treat to see him back in form in the way the audiences loved him always. He could have done a better job in the ‘Chamko’ sequence and a few places in the second half. Yet, he deserves a pat for his execution was neat and decent overall. Hats off and even more looking forward to his next ventures!

On the whole, Chashme Baddoor is a terrific entertainer that shall makes you laugh like crazy. The film is a trueblue David Dhawan entertainer - fresh, funny, a bit naughty but still worthy of being termed as a ‘family entertainer’! At the box office, the film has embarked upon a decent start and collections will surely increase over the weekend. This one’s a worth watch…in Taapsee’s words, dum hai boss!

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