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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 15 March 2008

Movie Title



M.K. Mageswar

Star Cast

Sarath Kumar, Meghana Naidu, Sayaji Shinde, Vijaykumar

Oh..No, another reincarnation film! Sarath Kumar's Vaitheeswaran also deals with reincarnation theme (two weeks back it was Silanerangalil) is too thin on logic and drags. The film has a dated look about it and everybody just goes through the motions.

The film opens at the famous Vaithiswaran temple with the leading astrologer and soothsayer Mani Shankar (Vijayakumar), predicting the death of a small boy Saravanan a witness to a temple theft by a cunning politician and goonda Dhanasekharan (Sayaji Shinde). Mani Shankar tells his distraught mother (Vinaya Prasad) that if she sits in penance at the temple Saravanan will be reincarnated and come back to take revenge against his killers.

The rest of the film is how one Bala (Sarath Kumar) and his girlfriend Roopa (Meghana Naidu) due to circumstances is forced to battle Dhanasekharan, now a future chief minister in waiting. Bala is drawn into the prophecy theory of Mani Shankar who believes he is a reincarnation of Saravanan and his predictions are going to come true.

The trouble with Vaitheeswaran is that it is predictable, story is stale and there are no twists in the tale. The only relief is Sarath Kumar and Meghana frolicking on the beaches of Goa, and the introduction scene of the heroine sleeping with just a towel wrapped around her! Sayaji Shinde as the bad guy with a Laloo Yadav hair style wig is ridiculous and hams to the hilt.

It is a reincarnation flick minus the chills and thrills as there is no story to say. Even a charismatic Sarath Kumar can't do much to save this film

Verdict: Yawn

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