Vanakkam Thalaiva

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 23 December 2005

Movie Title

Vanakkam Thalaiva


Sakthi Paramesh

Star Cast

Satyaraj, Vivek, Susan, Abbas

Crass Act? Well, sort of! When Satyaraj pairs with Vivek, no joke is too low, no jibe too risqu? to be made and both of them loves to make snide remarks about their colleagues. For both the bottom is the limit!

It is a far out plot with a wafer-thin storyline and you will have to suspend disbelief. The film is strictly for the B and C audience whose idea of entertainment is double entendre and crude gags.

Satyaraj and director Sakthi Paramesh has been inspired by the plot of a Hollywood thriller where the hero takes revenge on a drunken driver who accidentally knocks dead his wife. The same plot has been indianised and made with Satyaraj packaging like lollu dialogues, glamour, sleaze, action, songs full of double meaning and as much oomph as an ?A? certificate film can provide.

The highlight of the film is Vivek who has equal footage with Satyaraj and is let loose on the audience. He has some crude comedy scenes with Shakeela playing the role of Omana, a sexually unsatisfied Malayalee woman and wife of a tea-shop owner. Vivek lampoons the superstars and wannabe star politicians like Vijaykanth and Karthik.

Abbas as the drunken driver looks bewildered and is there for some steamy song sequences with Susan, Satyaraj looks and acts as though he is having a good time and appears in various make-up?s. The film loses its tempo in the second half as fake sentiments are just injected into the proceedings. Still, if you like the Satyaraj type comedies plus some oomph, go watch Vanakkam Thalaiva.

Verdict: Average

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