Variety galore this Friday

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 31, 2005 05:59 hrs

Spice it up at the boxoffice this week, as two new directors and one almost-new director fight out what’s possibly one of themost democratic weeks at the turnstiles.

While Hriday Shetty who helms Pyar Mein Twist, has directed the abortive Plan earlier, Sanjay Daima who directs Ramji Londonwale is an absolutely raw hand.

“I discovered Sanjay while he was assisting Ashutosh Gowariker during Lagaan. I knew I had to work with him before the rest of Bollywood discovered him,” reveals `Ramji` Madhavan.

Some such sentiments are also being whispered about the young lead Sammir Dattani in Pyar Mein Twist who according to preview audiences, is going to be the hottest happening in Bollywood after his new film’s release.

Whether Shetty’s multi-generation romance clicks or not remains to be seen. But there’s certainly a positive buzz surrounding the Rishi-Dimple-Sammir-Soha musical chair.

This week there’s a straightforward love triangle Aashiq Banaya Aapne, while an ultra-romantic comedy Pyar Mein Twist competes for eyeballs with an aromatic comedy Ramji Londonwale.

It’s specially interesting week for moviegoers. As Patna exhibitor Suman Sinha reasons, “Just a year back these would beregarded as multiplex films and would’ve been released as such. Today after films like Black and Page 3, the market has changed dramatically. Everyone is interested in all kinds of films. Niche filmmaking is gradually evaporating as the market is becoming more accommodating.”

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