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P Kinslin
Fox Star Studios and AR Murgadoss
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Fox Star Studios and AR Murgadoss Productions Vathikuchi directed by P Kinslin is half baked and has too many plot holes.

However, the first half of the film is quite entertaining, but post interval the film drags and a forced climax makes the debutant hero larger- than- life which sticks out like a sore thumb.

Sakthi (Dileepan) is a happy, do-gooder share auto driver, who lives with his picture perfect family ( Saranya & Raja and a little sister). He is head-over- heels in love with his neighbour Leena (Anjali), a bubbly mischievous girl who is doing a ‘spoken English course’.

Now three separate gangs are out to kill Sakthi, due to his do-gooder nature which gets him into trouble! The three gangs baying for his blood are a hired killer Sampath who has personal animosity, Jayaprakash a jeweller who has a score to settle with him and his neighbour Jagan who finds him a hindrance in his nefarious activities!

How our hero romances and wins over his girl and single-handedly takes down his detractors forms the rest of the story. There are far too many plot holes in the script. It is neither logical nor convincing and the film goes on and on for nearly two-and-half hours. Characters with no motivation just want to bump–off a share auto driver!

The script is made with the sole purpose of making Dileepan an action hero who can also romance. He is just about convincing as an action scenes but requires to improve his dialogue delivery and has a single expression throughout the film.

Anjali is typecast as the chirpy middleclass girl, and looks like an extension of her Manimekala character in Engeyum Eppothum. The villains Sampath and Jayaprakash are apt, but comedian Jagan in a negative role looks stiff!

The highlight of the film is definitely Ghibran’s peppy music, especially the song ‘Kuru Kuru…’ which is the pick of the lot. On the whole the film just does not live up to the pre-release hype surrounding it.

Verdict – Run of the mill


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