Vayasu Pasanga

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 9 February 2004

Movie Title

Vayasana Pasangal


Bharati Kannan

Star Cast

Anush,Jai Aravind,Master Manikanda, Vindya

Following the recent trend of teenage school going kids romancing and frolicking around, the latest film in the same genre is Vayasu Pasanga directed by Bharati Kannan. It is another coming-of-age teen flick, which depends on oomph and glamour to sell.

It is the story of three fun loving teenagers and their encounter with classmates and a friendly sexy glam girl who wants them to bump off her husband! Vicky (Anush), Palani (Jai Aravind) and Laxmipathy (Master Manikanda) are up to all kinds of mischief in school mainly regarding girls. Like we saw in films like Thulluvatho Illamai and Shankar?s Boys these guys are desperately looking for girlfriends and fun. All this leads to a lot of ticklish situations. A scantily clad Nandini (Vindhya) with an elderly husband (Livingstone) move into their neighbourhood. The boys are bowled over by her sexy body and glamour as they volunteer to do anything for her. She wants the boys to murder her rich husband so that she can live with her lover and get all the wealth! One day the husband gets killed and the blame is put on the boys and is sent to jail. Later Nandini has a change of heart and she confesses to the police that her lover murdered her husband. However her message to the parents of the boys is to keep an eye on their teenage children.

The problem with the film is the stale story that we have seen in umpteen youth films. To convey messages like this, does the director need to fall back on vulgarity? There are some sensible statements but they could have been handled with far more subtlety. Vidhya does a glam act with as few clothes as possible. The lead cast of Anush and Jai looks like Chennai born Marwadi boys and they have done their roles reasonably well. Debutant music director R.K.Sundar?s songs are average. Bollywood?s big fat choreographer Ganesh Acharya makes a cameo appearance.

Verdict: Teen Troubles

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