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Saturday 19 January 2008

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Madhavan, Bhavana, Venkat Prabhu, Mallika

After watching director Seeman?s Vazhthukkal unfold on screen, it feels like you are being punished for a crime you didn?t commit! Seeman's intentions to make Vazhthukkal were noble but his execution is tacky and the final outcome is a dreary and boring message film that leaves you exhausted! The flaw is not in the tale, it's in the telling ? too many songs, conversations going nowhere, clich?d characters and a long drawn out 30 minutes tedious climax.

On the other hand, the director deserves a pat on his back for coming out with a pure Tamil language film. There is only one spoken word in English throughout the entire talkie and songs- the word 'August' as there is no Tamil equivalent to it! All characters in the film have pure Tamil names, which are rare in modern times!

Seeman's love for his mother tongue crosses the boundaries and he becomes parochial in a scene where hero and heroine are in Alapuzha in Kerala enjoying the backwaters. The hero a IT professional tells the heroine- " Namma Cheranadu, Namma Munpattu bhoomi( This is our Cheranadu, our ancestors ruled here)!

There is no "Hello" when characters speak on the phone, a electric wire is referred to as Minsara Kambi, hero an IT professional who is suited and booted does not use the word "love" to convey his feelings to the heroine whom he has fallen in love after seeing her in a television interview. He says to the heroine in the most intimate moment-"Ente Thanga Vaanampadi?.!

But the basic story of the film has no remote connection with Tamil life or culture, its etched from various Sooraj Barajatya kind of feel good films set against the rich background of a joint family ruled by an patriarch with old world values and beliefs. The women wear Kanjeevaram Sari's and diamonds at home, men are all doing their respective jobs diligently and everybody pet is the heroine, and the huge Doberman dogs at home are well behaved and do not bark!

Into this palatial "heaven on earth" walks in Kadhiravan (Madhavan), who has fallen head-over-heels in love with Kayal Vizhi(Bhavana) a brilliant agricultural student who has written papers that have been appreciated by international scientists. He sees her on TV talking about family values, and how her success is linked to her family which is dear to her.

The rest of the story is how Kadhiravan woos Kayal and inspite of fierce opposition from her family wins them over with his good nature. Despite its good songs, eye-catching cinematography, and remarkable production design the film ends up as a love story without a soul as it struggles to pack in so much at the same time. Vazhthukkal comes off contrived and fake, and fails to strike a chord.

You feel nothing for its characters, at best sympathy for the two lead actors Madhavan and Bhavana trapped in this pathetic, pretentious pap. Sincere and noble, the film ends up too long, and alas, too boring?

Verdict: Tedious

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