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Prabhu Dheva
Vishal, Sameera, Vivek, Sayaji Shinde
Mani Sharma
GK Film Corporation
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Vedi is not pretentious. Right from the first look, trailer cuts and posters, the film had the look and feel of a B-grade action masala flick. And in one word Vedi is not an unwatchable film, but does it work as an entertainer, a complete package?

You cannot compare it with director Prabhu Deva’s Pokkiri or even Villu, which had style and smart packaging. We will judge Vedi going strictly by mass action-movie standards.


*It is refreshingly crisp in the first half with comedy working as an undercurrent.
*Vishal is truly impressive and scores big time as an action hero. His dialogue delivery and the ease with which he does the action scenes are what hold the film together.
* Sameera looks a million bucks, cinematographer RD Rajasekhar and her costume designer Chaitanya Rao has made her even more glamorous, especially in chiffon Sari’s.
* Devi Sri Prasad’s special appearance in the opening song, picturised on the streets and monuments of Kolkata is eye catching.
* The “Ichu Ichu” song with veteran Vaali’s youthful lyrics and its picturisation is stunning.
*Prabhu Dheva has deliberately not made Vishal do comedy and maintains his action hero image.


*We've seen it all before, maybe a hundred times right from 80’s.
*The premise is as old as the hills, plot is old-fashioned and the cardboard villains are so predictable and their intentions so clichéd.
* Vivek’s loud and exaggerated comedy track is painfully stupid. It is the nth time he is cracking jokes about 6 packs.
* Sayaji Shinde is predictable and most of the time he just hams. The 12 hour deadline set up by the hero for the villain to return his ill-gotten wealth has been seen in earlier films.
* The much hyped item number by Sophie Chowdhary fails to sizzle.

Verdict- Damp Squib


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