Veejaying to Viruddh: Anusha Dandekar

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 20, 2005 06:59 hrs

Streaked hair, a hiphop body lingo and an accent that most wannabes would kill for, Anusha is DNA Veejay. "Hey, it isn't like I put on the accent" she ribs us. That is exactly what makes it drool-worthy, we remark.

"Wow, thanks. But I have heard a lot of people crib about it. I would like to remind them that this is going to be the case if you were born and bred in Australia for 18 long years. It inevitably rubs off on you," she explains.

Then how did she manage 'Viruddh'? Just as we are about to hint at a dubbing job, she springs a surprise, "I see where you are going but I didn't have to dub for 'Viruddh'. Mahesh Manjrekar is a kind man he offered me the part of a girl, who is a foreign return. So I got to keep my Yankee accent and get away with it. So now you see, unlike Katrina and other girls, I didn't have to sit with an Urdu master getting my diction right," she laughs.

And what about the big day when she shot with the Big B and John? "It was fabulous, I tell you" she yelps. "I had butterflies in my stomach when I had to shoot. But Mr. Bachchan is a superb person. He put me at ease and was very forthcoming with his help and advice. He is a dream to act with" she gushes.

And what does she say about Bipasha's arm-candy, John? "I have always looked up to him as this hunk. But the guy is so sweet. We had some really wonderful times on the sets," she praises the actor. "Before you forget let me tell you Sharmilaji was very kind to me as well. She used to mother both John and me. She is an extremely warm and caring person. I felt so pampered," the stylish veejay tells us.

And how does she plan to take it from here? "Well, that depends on you guys," she smiles. "If audiences like what they see of me in 'Viruddh' then I might continue with film assignments or else I pretty much happy to continue my honeymoon with MTV," the lady says, as she gets up to strike a pose with some fans.

Easy come, easy go, some like it that way.

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