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Vellore Maavattom

Vellore Maavattom
RNR Manohar
Nanda,Poorna, Santhanam, Azhagamperumal
Sundar C Babu
AGS Entertainments
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Every aspiring action hero worth his salt in Tamil cinema will try his hand at doing a cop film. If it clicks, itís the road to super stardom. Ask Vikram (Saamy), Vijay (Pokkiri) and Suriya (Khakka Khakka) and Karthi (Siruthai), they have always succeeded in tough and rough cop roles.

Nanda, after a doing a series of run-of-mill hero roles is doing his first cop film with Vellore Maavattom, directed by RNR Manohar. The film has a predictable story of a honest police officer, which works big time due to Nandaís immense screen presence and performance.

Muthukumar (Nanda) is the son of a coolie (GM Kumar) in a market area in a small town. His father has dreams of him becoming the collector of a district and he actually ends up as an IPS officer. Muthukumarís lady love Priya (Poorna) is by his side when he becomes the ACP of Vellore district.

He cleans up Vellore town of the scums of the earth and has a state minister and a local businessman Gurumurthy (Alagarperumal) who is into all sorts of illegal activities baying for his blood. How Muthukumar hunts them down using his brain more than his brawn and makes the city peaceful forms the rest of the story.

Nanda plays a stylish cop and a sincere officer who undergoes a lot of mental torture before he vanquishes the corrupt politicians and their henchmen. Nanda carries the show and looks every inch a cop and the director has made it look as realistic as possible. The good thing is that his character does not mouth punch lines or any unbelievable stunts. Santhanam as the police driver does his comedy act convincingly.

Poorna has nothing much to do, but impresses with her cute mannerisms and natural make-up. Azhagarperumal as the bad guy is menacing. Sundar C Babuís music is nothing much to hum about and the film lacks a catchy number. The pace lags in the second half, but still RNR Manohar has tried to make it realistic with a lot of present day incidents sewn into the narration.

Verdict- Above Average


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