Venkat Prabhu comes out in defence of Karthi

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 06:02 hrs

​The cold reception that Karthi’s  Alex Pandian received at the box-office has created a controversy.

Whenever big star films release, they are a hot topic of discussion amongst fans and even more so, if it is a festival release and that too of a major production house.

Now with the advent of social networking sites, the fans have a greater opportunity to vent their ire or show their happiness about good or bad films as per their view. They have easier access to film personalities and can discuss the finer points of cinema on social networking sites.

So when they took to twitter to vent their feelings about Alex Pandian and hero Karthi, none other than director Venkat Prabhu decided to come out in support of his Biriyani hero.

And it looks like Venkat Prabhu has given full support to his hero Karthi in response to fans queries about who is to blame if a film is disliked by the audience, the director for a shoddy execution or the actor for his choice of films.

Venkat Prabhu has tweeted that it’s the director who mans the ship and the actor should not be blamed. He says, “ In Alex Pandian, Karthi did justice as an actor and producers backed it up well as a product! I don't see why people are annoyed. When a big actors movie bonk at the box office how
can it be the directors fault? Guys now understand, no matter what, writer/director is the key. Actors only deliver performance and I am not supporting his films!! Give credit to the right person is what I am asking.”

UTV’s Dhananjayan has supported Venkat Prabhu’s view point and has tweeted – “Well said sir. Directors are the Creators and they make it happen finally. Artistes or Producers can only do their best.”

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