Veruthe Oru Bharya

By Moviebuzz

Saturday 9 August 2008

Movie Title

Veruthe Oru Bharya


Akku Akbar

Star Cast

Jayaram, Gopika, Nivedita.

Watching Veruthe Oru Bharya could prompt at least some men for a thorough introspection about their own behaviour at home. Some of those incidents that are happening on screen may be straight out of your own lives and that's the best thing about this film as well. It is Jayaram?s best film in recent times.

Director Akku Akbar has narrated the theme with passion and intensity, but it could have been even better if the story was less heavy. That obviously refers to the extremes to which the characters have been taken to, by the director.

The film focuses on the lives of a couple - Sugunan (Jayaram), an overseer with the electricity board, his wife Bindu (Gopika) and their 'just in her teens' daughter Anju (Nivedita). Apart from a few of Sugunan's colleagues and Bindu's family, there are actually very few characters in the story. Sugunan is a highly egoistic and evidently a nagging husband, who is never really bothered about the efforts put in by his wife, at home.

After putting up with her husband for a while, an exasperated Bindu decides to take an ?early retirement? from her chores and go back to her own house, leaving her husband to take care of her daughter. Sugunan tries to manage things on his own but is shattered by certain happenings that take a heavy toll on him.

It is a well written and tightly paced script of Gireesh who has been able to weave a family saga that is quite convincing. But on the downside the characters often behave in rather strange ways and make it tough for the audience to relate to them. Sugunan has been presented as a selfish hypocrite and his behavior often irritates the viewers. Bindu's woes are understandable, but even the audience feel like she is over reacting at times. The impact of certain incidents concerning his daughter, on Sugunan, is hard to digest.

However Jayaram is back with a bang in his role as Sugunan. It is vintage Jayaram, and he scores heavily as the role suits his comedy image. Gopika, without any make up, is also quite convincing in her role as Bindu. But she looks evidently younger than what the role actually required. Nivedita shines as their daughter and Suraj Venjarammoodu's comedy track is a laugh riot.

The rest of the cast do their supporting act well, with Innocent coming out with a great performance as Gopika?s father. Shaji makes his presence felt quite strongly with the visuals and Shyam Dharman's music mostly suits the mood of the film. The song where Jayaram imitates the singing style of all heroes from yester year Prem Nazir to today?s Pritviraj is a scream.

Veruthe oru Bharya is one of the most enjoyable Malayalam films in recent times. Of course it could have been better but in these hard days, you have to be satisfied. Any way, Happy viewing.