Vijay fans arrested for their threatening video

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 07, 2018 10:31 hrs

During Sarkar release, unknown Vijay fans threatened ADMK party cadres who protested in front of theaters screening the film. In the video, the fans said that all the lives of ADMK cadres are in the hands of Thalapathy Vijay. Now, Tamil Nadu police has arrested two of three Vijay fans who tried to create violence by posting a controversial video on the internet. In the video, they also hold sickle in their hands so police officers took this case seriously.

The guy who recorded and uploaded the video is said to be Anishek while the two fans who threatened ADMK cadres are Lingadurai and Sanjay. Among these three fans, cops arrested Sanjay and Anishek but Lingadurai is said to be hiding somewhere so the investigation is on to know his whereabouts.

While Vijay has moved on to his next film, the innocent fans who emotionally used the social networking site to support their matinee-idol are going to face legal actions and ruin their lives.