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Arun Pandian
Harish Raghavendra, Gayathri Raghuram, Arun Pandian
Jerome Pushparaj
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By Moviebuzz

Playback singer Harish Raghavendra makes his entry as the hero in Arun Pandianís second directorial venture Vikatan. Arun Pandian has already made a name by making action thrillers and this time he diverts from his usual style of story telling.

Ram (Harish) an NRI always dreams of marrying an orthodox girl with traditional values and culture. He sees a photo of Gauri (Gayathri Raghuram) sent by his mother and likes her simple looks. He agrees for the wedding, but gets a shock on the first night when he realizes that Gauri is a very modern and outgoing girl totally in contrast to what he had in mind. Soon he meets Uma who joins his company as his secretary and she is exactly like what his ideal wife should be.

But a freak accident changes life for Ram as Umaís face is totally damaged and is admitted to the hospital. On the same fateful night he kills Gauri accidentally and now his super brain starts working. He buries Gauri in the backyard of their house and makes a master plan with Uma, who is still in hospital in an unconscious stage. But there is a nemesis in the form of a police officer (Arun Pandian), who is on Ramís trial. Will he solve the mystery behind the missing Gauriís forms the climax of this crime thriller.

Despite minor shortcomings the film moves at a brisk pace and the incidents are well depicted. Harish has handled the role of Ram, which had shades of grey quite well. Gayathri Raghuram is ok and Arun Pandian has a tailor made role for him. The music by debutant Jerome Pushparaj is average. On the whole Vikatan is an unusual thriller.

Verdict: Average


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