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T V Chandran
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Director T V Chandran has the uncanny knack to narrate serious themes in an engrossing way. He does that in Vilapangalkkappuram, in a highly effective manner. The film has bagged four state film awards and if your idea of film is not just melodrama and buffoonery, here is an honest effort that talks about some stark realities that are happening around us.

Zahira (Priyanka Nair) lives happily with her parents and younger sister in Ahmedabad, until a group of communalists wreaks havoc. After being gang raped, she barely manages to escape from the criminals before they set her ablaze. In a fit of panic, she hides inside a lorry but it takes Zahira to her father's hometown in northern Kerala.

As Zahira gradually recovers from her pathetic state, with the help of doctors played by Suhasini and Biju Menon, she has to face a new crisis. She soon realizes that in our society most humans categorize themselves only on the basis of religions and castes!

Zahira learns more about the real world, where beastly minds are vying to pounce upon a hapless woman. Even during those tumultuous times, she comes across genuine souls like Gopalettan (Thilakan), who takes care of her like a daughter.

Vilapangalkkappuram succeeds in making the viewers think about the plight of the world around them and such an attempt should be wholeheartedly appreciated. Aryadan Shoukath's story has been developed into a strong script by the director and he has made it into an absorbing movie.

M J Radhakrishnan's camera, M Jayachadran's music and Isaac Thomas Kottukappilly's background scores helps in setting the right tone for the narration. Manjari's rendering of the song, 'Mullulla murikkinmel…' hits right at the heart of the viewer and conveys the meaning quite convincingly.

Priyanka Nair, as the protagonist Zahira, gives a different meaning altogether to subtle acting. The rest of the cast including Suhasini, Thilakan, Biju Menon and V. K.Sreeraman also gives the right impact to their characters, making the film an engaging fare.

Though the director has gone for rather a conventional narrative style, it has its heart at the right place. It's a pity that often we tend to ignore such passionate attempts to show realistic and truthful stories on screen. Watch this one as such mishaps as mentioned in the film can happen to any of us!

Verdict: Excellent


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