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Vijay, Nayanthara, Vadivelu, Prakashraj
Devi Sri Prasad
Ayngaran International
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If you're looking to chill out this Pongal, try Villu. It is the mother of all masalas. Ranging through a wide field of comedy, action, songs, exotic locations and heavy sentiments, the film will appeal to a cross spectrum of audiences.

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What works in its favour is the star cast, packaging and look of the film.

It is the most stylish Vijay film ever made.Villu is technically slick and moves at a rapid pace. The director, however, is less concerned with the film's plot and the pre-climax portion lacks punch as the story goes limp.

As Vijay himself has said in an interview, the story has "nothing new in it and is as old as the hills". The basic storyline is inspired by Abbas Mustan's Soldier. It is the 1970s and 80s favourite theme in commercial cinema: A son seeking revenge for the brutal and treacherous murder of his father by a group of villains.

Pugal (Vijay) is a happy-go-lucky man who is on a mission. He works hand-in-glove for a cop, Joseph (Manoj K Jayan), who is on the lookout for an international gang led by the dreaded JD (Prakash Raj) who deals with drugs and ammunition.

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Pugal goes to a village and meets Jhanvi (Nayanthara), daughter of JD, and falls in love with her. He smartly uses her as a tool to reach across to JD and his gang (Devaraj, Anand Raj, Sriman, Aditya) in Munich. He eliminates them one by one using tact and cunningness. The rest of the film is how he brings JD back to India and takes revenge for the murder of his dad, a patriotic army man.

The comedy in the first half and six songs packaged beautifully are the biggest calling cards of the film. And what really gets Villu zip zap zooming are the completely whacky Vijay, Vadivel and Nayanthara. For their zany shenanigans alone, the film is worth watching.

There are eye-rollingly stupid moments, which are pure slapstick comedy, in the film. Some of them like Vadivel's steam bath, Vijay's electric kiss to Nayanthara, the scene where Vijay and Nayanthara try to save Vadivel who falls into a well and Vadivel's chimpanzee joke are howlarious!

Prabhu Deva and his team of choreographers have provided picture-perfect peppy songs, lavishly picturised in exotic locations with superb camera movements. The pick of the lot are Nee Kobapattal Naanum, picturised on three Vijay's and Nayan in Switzerland. The Jalsa Jalsa number in Phuket and the Daddy Mummy... song -- shot on a set with Vijay, Mumait Khan and her sister -- are rocking.

Technically, the film is slick with top-class camera work by Ravi Varman and extraordinary DI (Digital Imagery) by Bobby Grant. The colour correction has given the film sheen and style. Pollachi and Phuket have never looked so exotic and colourful. Sunil's (of Hindi Ghajini fame) artwork looks authentic and stunning. Kola Bhaskar's editing is crisp and helps the film to be racy. Fefsi Vijayan's action scenes are superbly choreographed.

The Vijay-Nayanthara jodi scorches the screen and they have great chemistry. Vijay looks sensational and is an absolute delight to watch. He is magical and clearly at home playing Pugal. He is a one-man entertainment troupe. Nayanthara is earnest, sincere and fits the role to a T. She has never been photographed so well and looks ravishingly beautiful. Be it her costumes, make-up or hair, she has taken utmost care to look her best. And she does succeed.

Vadivel's misadventures are a scream, and add to the slapstick madness. Prakash Raj is apt as the villain. Prabhu Deva's signature style is stamped across every frame. He has crafted another mass entertainer where the narrative is fast and furious, though it is not in the same league as his earlier Pokkiri. On the whole, the film is a rip-roaring rocker.

Verdict: Go for it!
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