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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 20 December 2002

Movie Title



Susi Ganesan

Star Cast

Prashanth, Sneha, Nasser

By Moviebuzz

The myriad mood and colour of Susi Ganesan?s debut film Virumbugiren is fire and its antidote water. A Prashanth film all the way, Virumbugiren is promising as its milieu and situations are innovative.

Shivan (Prashanth) is an aspiring designer, but his father?s sudden death puts an end to all his dreams as the responsibility of looking after his mother and two younger brothers fall on him. As his father dies while in service, Shivan is forced to accept the job offered to him as a fire service man. His new job brings him to a village, where there is frequent fire. There he meets Thavamani, a village belle (Sneha) and they fall in love. But the girl?s father (Nasser), and the whole village are against the lovers. The lovers` fight against all odds and how their love wins in the end form the rest of this interesting love story.

Prashanth is top class, opting for a restraint mode. He?s so hot n` cool that you can feel the fire n` ice within. This is officially Sneha?s first film and she steals some of the scenes with a larkish spontaneity and vivacity. In fact even though she has been seen in many films now, her character as Thavamani, will stay in the minds of the audience for a long time. Nasser has come up with a steel-strong performance as the tough father.

Director Susi Ganesan who has written the story and screenplay has done a neat job. It is Ganesan?s maiden venture, but sadly too many songs and fights are forced into the narration, which spoils the tempo. The songs in the films by Deva are not up to the mark and almost all songs are picturised symbolically in water.

Verdict: Good

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