Vishal and Nadigar Sangam condemn S Ve Shekher

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 21, 2018 11:44 hrs
S Ve Shekher

Actor Vishal and Nadigar Sangam condemned S Ve Shekher for his derogatory comment against women working in the media. 

Vishal said: “The number of women folks in the media has increased in the past few years in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. At the time when Periyar’s dream of women’s growth is getting accomplished in the country, S Ve Shekher’s derogatory comments against my sisters in the media is condemnable. I have a lot of friends in the media, can feel how much they would have hurt by this comments. I’m angry now not as an actor but as their friend".

In their statement, Nadigar Sangam also condemned S Ve Shekher for his comments. After witnessing harsh criticism and opposition from the media and the general public, S Ve Shekher deleted his Facebook post.