Vishal - Nadigar Sangam skirmishes continue

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 27, 2013 05:01 hrs
<i>Samar</i> success meet

The stand-off between Vishal and Nadigar Sangam continues. Vishal had taken on the actor’s association when he blasted them on their silence on the suffering of Kamal Haasan during the Vishwaroopam controversy.

Vishal had tweeted – “Kamal sir, you deserve justice. As a human, as an actor, we all look up to you. Nadigar Sangam ??? It’s hightime, he deserves justice.”

The direct reference to Nadigar Sangam created a furore and they issued a show cause notice for his tweets. Vishal’s reply to the show cause notice made them even more angry, as he made them out to look like they did not understand English.

Vishal feels that Nadigar Sangam has been trying to sideline him for speaking the truth.  Asked Vishal : “ When I owned director Lingusamy Rs 2 Crore, Nadigar Sangam came forward to mediate and I had to settle the account. But when Samar producer owed me Rs 75 lakhs and I complained to Nadigar Sangam, no action was taken.”

Now the producer of Samar,  Ramesh has told Nadigar Sangam that he overpaid Vishal, despite having signed him at a lower rate! They have furnished evidence with the actor’s association and plans to take it up.  

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