Vishnu - A new hero in Kollywood

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 05, 2009 04:55 hrs

Vishnu is the young debutant who seems to have made a mark with his first film itself. He played Marimuthu in the recent Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu, a film which is getting rave reviews and is slowly but surely turning out to be a winner at the box-office. Vishnu, a cricket player and software geek turned actor with no film background, is the son of IG Police Ramesh Kudawla. The young man has managed to make a mark with audiences who are mobbing him wherever he goes. catch up with him to find out more about him and his movie…

Tell us about your background? How did you come to films?

I have been a state level cricket player till a leg injury laid my cricket career to rest. During my convalescence when I was bedridden, I started watching many films and my interest in acting took shape. My father’s brother was an actor in several small films and he shaped my interest in the field. For many years I struggled but no one gave me a break till I met my producer Anand Chakravarthy and director Susindran who believed I could do the role.

I am grateful to them both.

How difficult was it playing a Kabbadi player in the film?
It was not easy. Firstly I had to tan myself sitting for hours in the sun to get dark and look like a player who spends time outdoors. Since I have played cricket for years, I managed to do it though many times my skin would peel off due to sunburn! Then for 3 months Susindran trained all of us with kabbadi matches under coach Raja, for five hours a day. He wanted it to look realistic on screen.

What was the most difficult part?
The romantic scenes were the most tough! ( laughs) During one schedule, I had fractured my toe thumb and during one shot the entire team had to fall on me. They actually fell on my fractured toe and I screamed in genuine pain! We reshot the scene. I continued that entire schedule since I didn’t want to hold up shooting.

How was it shooting in remote parts of interior TN?
It was great. Our unit was like a huge family and I bonded really well, which showed on screen. We used to play Kabbadi for five hours everyday and even cook for each other after that. We used to play live matches with local teams to get the hang of the game.

Why did you choose a film where you shared screen space with six others instead of going solo hero as debutants usually try for?
I had no experience as an actor and Susindran groomed me for the role. I felt that it was more sensible going for a film where there was no big hype about the hero. That way my character stands out when it needed to and blends with others in the cast. With a solo debut its takes a lot and is very difficult to leave an impression on the minds of the audience. But in Vennila, since the concept and story are so good, Marimuthu has got noticed despite being part of a team.

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