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Vishnuvardhana review

Sudeepa, Bhavana, Priyamani, Sonu Sood, Arun Sagar, Muni, Dwarakish, Neenasam Aswath, Kari Subbu
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Kicha Sudeep`s Vishnuvardhana directed by debutant Kumar is a perfect commercial entertainer which engages the audience throughout the movie.

The film is full of suspense and thrilling moments that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. The highlight of the film of course is the fantastic performance of lead actor Sudeep who shows variety in his performance and Priyamani`s convincing portrayal of a challenging role.

The picturisation of the songs is another major attraction of the film along with comedy which flows through the film. The film is also a treat for Vishnuvardhan`s fans as Sudeep plays a wayward son of a laundry owner who is an ardent fan of Dada.

Many sequences from Vishnuvardhan`s movies have been intertwined in this film which is sure to make his fans happy. Sudeep`s character is quite real. There is less of action, but the focus is more on suspense and comedy.

Director Kumar`s first attempt is a success because of his strong screen play. Every sequence is well connected in the film and is intended to take the story forward. The camera work and editing makes the film engrossing.

As for the negative points of the film, it has to be said that the climax could have been a little more tight and packed with action. Even the location chosen for the climax sequence looks pale compared to the overall look of the film. One more action scene would have further elevated the spirit of Kicha fans.

Kicha plays Vishnu who spends most of his time day dreaming. He has an astrologer friend Shashtri for company. Vishnu meets an NRI, Bharathi who he falls in love with. He pretends to be a doctor to please her. He also becomes closer to Bharathi`s family. One day Vishnu accidentally lands up in a police station for being part of a confrontation with Don Adishesha`s sidekicks.

At the police station he gets hold of Adishesha`s mobile. Vishnu makes some calls and gets money delivered to him. Meanwhile, Adishesha is in search of the person who has his mobile. Another ACP is also hunting for Vishnu mobile, as his lusty acts are captured on the mobile. Priya who has been watching Vishnu from the day in the station approaches him. She wants him to kill Adishesha. The rest of the story revolves around how Vishnu accepts this challenge and solves the issues.

Sudeep once again proves that he is an exceptional actor who can perform a variety of roles. Priyamani rocks though she comes mainly in the second half. Bhavana as a glam doll is well projected on screen through songs which are well shot.

Sonu Sood as the handsome villain looks menacing. Dwarkish, Neenasam Aswath and Muni have done their roles with ease. Hari Krishna`s music could have been much better compared to his work in films like Jackie, Paramathma and even Sarathy. Rajarathnam and Gatuham Raju have done neat work behind the camera and on the editing table.

A well made film which is sure to go well with Vishnu and Sudeep fans. Go watch it. It is a perfect family entertainer.

Rating: Three and a half stars.


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