Vivaramana Aalu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 19 January 2002

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Vivaramana Aalu



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By Moviebiz

The selling point of Sathyaraj films,is slapstick comedy laced with smutty dialogues. And since the success of Looti he has roped in Mumtaz, to add more oomph. Sathyaraj?s latest film Vivaramana Aalu is in the same genre as his earlier films.

Mayilswamy (Sathyaraj) a petty pickpocket in Coimbatore, marries Paapu (Devayani) so that he gets Rs5000 promised by the government to those who marry girls from financially weak families. Later he ditches her and comes to Chennai hoping to make it big by ``hook or crook``. He meets Puppy (Mumtaz) in a mental asylum, and he poses as a doctor. She is a rich heiress, who is faking as a mental patient to bring her parents together. Mayilswamy?s rival is ?Suitcase Subbu? (Vivek) who is also a petty thief specialized in robbing suitcases and he too fakes as a doctor in the asylum. Puppy?s father Mr O (Pratap Pothen) is a henpecked husband. In the meantime Paapu comes to the city in search of her husband, but Mayilswamy does not accept her. Vivek tries to expose Mayilswamy, but in the end when police arrests Paapu for prostitution, he is transformed and the couple gets united.

Director Selvabharathy?s idea is to please the frontbenchers as the story moves ahead. There is comedy, sex,smutty dialogues and jokes galore at politicians especially targeting Tamilnadu chief Minister O. Paneerselvam. Satyaraj acts in a negative role while Vivek is the hero.Mumtaz has a meatier role than Devayani.

On the whole the film is meant strictly for front benchers


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