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Wanted is only for extreme fans of Salman

Prabhu Deva
Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia Azmi
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He's ultra-macho; She's delicate and quivering like an autumn leaf.

He kills people like some swat flies; She finds that deplorable and then proceeds to sing romantic numbers with him.

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This happens because whenever her izzat is in danger, which keeps happening throughout the film, He-Man appears in all his growling glory.

Radhe (Salman Khan) works in Mumbai's badlands as a killer, switching sides depending on the pay-packet. And yet, he's shown to have a heart of gold (much like Salman Khan’s personal dichotomous image). When not setting eve-teasers on the right track, he strictly follows the funda that he won't kill women and children.

Radhe bumps into Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia) often, like it only happens in films, and their love story begins the first time he saves her from a leery cop.

This policemen (Mahesh Manjerekar, as always saying ) is the sort of unpleasant character that we saw in films a couple of decades back. He spits on the No Spitting board and has dreams of bedding Jhanvi, even eyeing the mother. When things don't work out, he sends a couple of goons to pretend to rape the girl, so her marriage prospects are dimmed (did someone actually think before writing this script?).

Meanwhile the daughter of an honest cop (Govind Namdeo) is kidnapped and raped by some don. In this film, the entire purpose of women characters is so they can be sexually assaulted (except the heroine who is molested and therefore virginal), and Radhe can rescue them in innovative ways. One is tempted to repeat the above question: did someone actually think before writing this script?

The answer’s clear. It’s a Salman Khan film, you see— so he is the script, the story and the saviour. But you really wonder, that after some A-grade blockbusters, has Brand Salman come down to this?

Admittedly, despite being over-age for such a role, Khan exudes a roguish charm. He may not even make an attempt to act, but has immense screen presence.

Ayesha Takia looks gorgeous but her acting capabilities are limited to looking timid, frightened or tearful. The supporting cast is fabulous but handicapped due to the formulaic characterisations. Govind Namdeo is good as always and Prakash Raj is suitably creepy, even adding a humorous tone to his murderous character.

Execution is archaic with a ditzy camera suddenly going into extreme close-ups and the editing cutting abruptly between faces.

Noted dancer and choreographer Prabhu Deva who makes his directorial debut with Wanted, insists on hero-type slow-mo shots whenever Salman’s murdering people glorifying his actions no end.

Dialogue uses every opportunity to insult the opponent's mother; this kind of derogatory maa-behen dialogues ought to be phased out from our films. A couple of action scenes are interesting and will be appreciated by those who enjoy action.

You might be tempted to excuse this as a masala flick, but gosh, an extra dose can ruin the dish. Only extreme fans of Salman Khan may dare venture into this.

Also see: Taran Adarsh's review of Wanted | Videos images, preview and all about Wanted

Verdict: 1.5 stars


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