WATCH: Freida Pinto turn into sexy siren in Gorilla

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 18, 2013 04:52 hrs

Freida Pinto makes a splash in the international music scene in Bruno Mars' hot new music video Gorilla. And boy, does she make an impression!

She stars as the wild Isabella, a newbie in Luis Gusman's strip joint. The seasoned girls despise her and her love affair with the club's band leader, Bruno Mars. In fact, they envy her for he's the boy that won't be tamed. But by the looks of it, Freida's Isabella has Bruno wrapped around her little finger.

As the music builds up, you see Freida going all-out on the stripper pole. Her moves include setting Bruno's guitar on fire and setting off the sprinklers. But nothing can douse their passion. We keep cutting to shots of their steamy love scenes in the back of a car. We're not sure if this two can have a happy ending, but they seem to be in raptures for the time being.

Watch the sizzling video now!

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