Weak script makes 'Rama Rama Raghurama' ordinary movie (Kannada Movie Review)

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 06, 2011 11:00 hrs

Film: 'Rama Rama Raghurama'; Cast: Rangayana Raghu, Doddanna, Sadhu Kokila, Shobharaj, Bullet Prakash, Lakshmi Sharma, Achyut Kumar and others; Screenplay wirter-Director: Raghu Raj; Producer: Jayanna, Rajashekhara Naidu; Composer: Hari Krishna; Camera: Krishna Kumar; Rating: **

Writer-director Raghu Raj made his debut with Darshan starrer 'Boss', which failed to cut ice with the audiences. The script of 'Boss' turned to be entirely predictable and had too many loop holes. It looks his second attempt 'Rama Rama Raghurama' will have a similar fate because the director has repeated the same mistakes in this film too.

Another major factor that goes against the film is that the lead actor Rangayana Raghu, who is an extremely talented, has been cast in a role which is unsuitable for him.

Rangayaan's plight looks like a square peg in a round hole as he is made to dance on beaches with semi-clad foreign dancers in Bangkok. His rotund body not withstanding, it would be difficult for the audiences to connect with this sort of illogically narrated film.

The story has nothing fresh except the opportunity given to Rangayana to romance with Lakshmi Sharma and match steps with a few dancers. Otherwise, the sequences are all the same and predictable.

The inclusion of comedy artists has also not helped the film. That is mainly because the sequences written for the artists lack credibility. Even the scene inspired by the Nithyananda episode does not evoke laughs. Certainly the film is far from entertaining.

The so-called sentimental sequences have also not been well crafted.

Rangayana plays an honest police constable Raghurama but the problem is that nobody takes him seriously neither in the police station nor at home despite the fact that his family members are dependant on him.

He faces a big test when his married sister returns home and Raghurama's brother-in-law refuses to take her back unless he gets Rs.2.5 million. Worried about his sister's future, Raghurama decides to die while on duty as it would fetch Rs.2.5 million as compensation which can save his sister's life. He makes several attempts to end his life, in vain.

The first half bores you, but some sequences in the second half are interesting. Hari Krishna's compositions look like a remix of several songs. M.S. Ramesh's dialogues normally carry punch, but frankly his work in this film is inconsistent.

The film has good technical value as Krishna Kumar handles the camera very well.

Rangayana's comic timing and dialogue delivery stands out as usual, but his attempt to ape established heroes was a futile attempt. Lakshmi Sharma's role is restricted to a few songs and scenes. Veteran actor Doddanna, Achyuth Kumar, Sadhu Kokila, Sundar Raj, Sangeetha and Bullet Prakash have put in effective performances despite having to act in roles with weak characterisation.

The director's weak script and poor handling makes matters worst for the film. In short, 'Rama Rama Raghurama' is not an entertainer.

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