What celebrity personality type are you?

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 31, 2013 10:10 hrs

How you watch your television can reveal your celebrity personality type, as a leading psychologist has divided the viewers into five megastars based on how we keep up with our favourite shows.

So are you a Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Helen Flanagan, Charlie Sheen or Piers Morgan?

The YouView study found a massive 70 percent of Brits are "Ruthless Removers", who record shows from live TV to watch once and then delete them, the Daily Star reported.

Behaviour expert Jo Hemmings said that these viewers were organised and practical like fashion designer Victoria.

She claimed that how we choose to watch can say as much about us as our favourite programmes.

Hemmings said that there are now so many ways in which people can catch their favourite TV shows, whether live, on-demand or through catch-up services.

"Therefore, it will come as no surprise that we have developed particular viewing habits and patterns that tend to reflect our personalities in daily life," she said

Her research found Ruthless Removers kept their homes tidy and clutter free, just like immaculately turned-out Mrs Beckham.

She said that it is reassuring to see so many of those surveyed fit the Ruthless Remover category, implying that thay are an organised nation.

Meanwhile, a quarter of those surveyed were deemed "Multi-Taskers", who surf social networks while they watch television.

Almost one in 20 admitted updating their Twitter or Facebook four times a show, just like internet-obsessed pop babe Rihanna.

She said that these telly fans are keen multi-taskers who love technology and care a lot about the opinions of others.

Another quarter of Brits are "Self-Indulgers", who record several episodes of programmes to watch in one marathon sitting.

These TV hoarders are likely to enjoy a bit of luxury and often plan their diaries months in advance, like 'I'm A Celebrity' star Helen Flanagan.

A further one in six are "Demanders", who sit through more than five hours of on-demand TV a week at their convenience.

These viewers were likely to be spontaneous in their approach to life like bad boy actor Charlie Sheen.

Finally, one in seven Brits who prefer to watch shows live because they suffer from "Fear Of Missing Out".

These on-the-ball personalities like to stay up-to-date with the latest news and gossip like telly host Piers Morgan. (ANI)

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