What did Jude Anthany mean with his analogy?

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 19:12 hrs

Ohm Shaanthi Oshaana director Jude Anthany Joseph’s latest Facebook post is currently the hottest topic on the social media.

Jude had posted a controversial paragraph which can roughly be translated like this, “A monkey manages to get inside a circus tent. The monkey does the tricks as per the circus owner’s diktats and becomes an expert in the craft. Then the monkey badmouths the entire circus crew and the owners. The monkey complains of being exploited. The monkey could have left it all at first and gone to the forest. But then, if the monkey leaves the circus like that at the beginning, who will know it, right?”

The popular belief is that the filmmaker, who is active as an actor these days, was referring to a controversy where a popular actress said she was harassed at the early stages of her career. If that is what he is hinting, then this is pretty serious.

The curious thing here is that Jude had directed an awareness video on child abuse.

The social media has been taking sides during the past few days, in the aftermath of the Kasaba controversy and now these comments by Jude has by all means, started a fresh debate.

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