What happened to taking it light, Oviya?

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 09, 2017 11:56 hrs

Oviya, the golden girl of Bigg Boss Tamil has in a matter of a week turned into something of a nightmare. Much to the disappointment of her Oviyans, she has let slip that cool and casual exterior. And much to their embarrassment, the loss of it has unleashed a monster that no one can defend with all their passion and might like they did the first four weeks.

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Her name was a Twitter trend. Her name brought together fans under one umbrella - OviyaArmy. Social media abounded with paeans. But no one with a good conscience can post one now.

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How did this fall from grace happen? Look no further than the 'Julie fiasco'. The lies and anger that Julie nourished unabated the week the Kabadi team visited, which in turn were smashed to smithereens by host Kamal Haasan by popular request, changed the dynamics of the house. While Julie went from villain to sympathy seeker, the housemates perception and stance towards Oviya failed to change. What's more, crafty Julie sensed the tide was in her favour and went back to insinuating that Oviya was the cause despite publicly apologising for having spun this yarn. Oviya who tends to forgive and forget in a jiffy wouldn't take this in what was her inimitable chilled out fashion. She went hammer & tongs at Julie in a bid for a genuine apology. If the other housemates had an empathetic cell they might have understood Oviya's frustration. Instead, they once again saw Oviya's actions as removed and singular from the situation at hand. This is what broke Oviya.

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Through the week her tough facade cracked. Tears came more freely. Her once famed attitude crumbled every time it came in contact with Julie. The way she dragged Julie around and humiliated her, the cruel words and insults she flung without inhibition, are things we wish didn't happen.

Kamal Haasan tried to iron out differences over last weekend. Another apology was tendered. Julie and Oviya kissed and made up. But they were back to square one in no time at all.

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We thought we couldn't stomach her aggression towards Julie. But even that pales next to the harassment Oviya is meting out to Aarav. Raiza made a shrewd observation on Day 37 - if a man were to behave the way Oviya is with a woman, then the reaction would be a lot more serious. How true. And how unfair. Harassment is harassment. No matter the gender. Hiding behind privileged discrimination does not exempt one from such a crime. The mental and emotional torture that Oviya is indulging in is unpalatable. And a shame for Oviyans who banded together for admirable traits that they saw in this woman.

Can the Oviya of weeks past be redeemed? Will Kamal put an end to this trail of Crocodile tears? We sure hope so if us Oviyans are to save face.

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