What is the real political victory? Kamal's reply to Rajinikanth!

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 12, 2017 10:24 hrs
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At the launch of Sivaji Ganesan’s memorial, Superstar Rajinikanth said: “Sivaji Ganesan started his own political party and got defeated in his constituency. It was not a loss for Sivaji Ganesan but for his millions of fans. Money and fame in the film industry are not enough to be successful in politics, one should possess something else to achieve great heights in politics. I don’t know that success factor but I guess Kamal Haasan knows it. Had I asked him two months back, he would have told me the secret mantra but now, he’s asking me to tag along with him”.

Now, replying to Rajinikanth’s point of view on being victorious in politics, Kamal has registered his thoughts in his political series ‘Ennul Mayyam Konda Puyal’ in Ananda Vikatan.

“People might say, you could’ve told this to Rajini over the phone. We don’t need such clarifications, our friendship is beyond that but this clarification for people who don’t really understand and I have got a few questions in Rajinikanth’s speech. I feel it’s my duty to share my thoughts with the people”, said Kamal.

“What is the real victory in politics? Forming a new political party, selecting candidates for each constituency, winning the majority of seats and becoming Chief Minister or Prime Minister? Even if we consider it as a victory, the real purpose of winning is to give a good governance to the people without taking away their self-esteem. But over the years, such victories didn’t improve health, education, and economics in our country, which means winning in elections itself becomes pointless”, said Kamal.

The actor added “Shall I tell what is the real political victory? Despite being in politics, an old man never participated in elections, his name is Gandhi and we also had Periyar. The victory of Gandhi and Periyar is alive for so many years. People have rejected and forgot the victory of many so-called successful politicians. Ambedkar lost in India’s first elections but it was not a defeat, I see it as the beginning of a history. I should also add another person in the three men club, his name is R Nallakannu, who never won in elections but even now he continues to work for the betterment of the people. Why? Not because he could win in the next elections,  his love towards the people is the real political victory. MLA, Chief Minister and all other posts are mere additional factors to confirm the political victory”.

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