What next for Dileep? Is it curtains for him?

Last Updated: Mon, Jul 17, 2017 11:26 hrs

It’s all becoming harder for Dileep. He is already in the jail, as an accused in the case where an actress was kidnapped and assaulted by a gang in February this year. He has been charged with hatching the conspiracy that led to the attack.

Soon after he was arrested, the hero, who was until then one of the main pillars of the industry as a saleable star and a producer, distributor and theatre owner, the various industry organisations expelled him.

The media has been tracking the case closely. Perhaps angry over the diatribe that they had to face, the discussions about Dileep’s arrest has been hogging the headlines for the past few days in a manner never seen before.

To counter this, Dileep’s camp initiated a full-fledged attack against the media, thereby supporting the hero. But this campaign raised many eyebrows.

As the campaigns orchestrated by his camp backfired and ended up as a weapon for the prosecution to argue that the arrested hero shouldn’t be granted bail, things have gone from bad to worse for Dileep.

Here is a look at how things are looking for the arrested hero, right now.

Back in jail

The Judicial First class Magistrate’s Court denied the actor bail as the custody period ended Saturday (July 15). Now he plans to submit bail application on Monday (July 17) before the Kerala High Court.

Are there proofs to link him?

Now this is one question for which some more time is needed before a definite answer emerges. The prosecution has filed a report and the general feeling is that there are evidences with the police that proves their charges. But are they good enough to prove all the charges? We will have to wait and see.

Dileep’s aide Appunni is absconding. Also the lawyer to whom the mobile phone allegedly with the recordings of the fateful trip and the attack on the actress were handed over by the key accused Pulsar Suni is also reportedly absconding. There are unconfirmed reports that they are both in police custody.

On Saturday, Dileep’s lawyer gave two mobile phones to the court, the details of which are not really clear yet. Dileep, who was taken back to the sub jail after the bail plea was rejected, had to be brought back to the court for opening the phones.

The police are yet to give the full details about the investigation. So most of all that is being discussed and reported is based on assumptions and leaked information.

The media trial

Dileep and his campaign managers should be blamed for rubbing the media the wrong way. That too in Kerala where the media is having such a cordial relationship with the actors. Most of the media houses are reluctant even to publish honest movie reviews as they don’t want to make the stars angry with any sort of criticism.

In this case, Dileep first reacted against the press when an English daily raised doubts about his involvement. This report was taken up mainly by a Malayalam channel. Dileep responded by giving an interview to a prominent online portal. The actor was severely critical about the alleged media trials and he believed that certain mediapersons were targeting him unnecessarily.

The press conference after the AMMA meeting aggravated things. All these obviously turned the media against the actor and his supporters to a certain extent.

The counter campaign

During the initial days of the actor’s arrest, almost everyone was against him. But the media trials went on and on to the extent of causing some feelings against such a campaign.

Perhaps this prompted the Dileep camp to initiate a vehement campaign in support of the actor. The campaigns attacked the media, listed the hero’s greatness and benevolence and at times, and even ended up abusing those who spoke against the actor. Dileep’s brother Anoop made some comments where he told the media to be with them when the star makes a comeback. All these actually boomeranged as the prosecution mentioned this as well, in their plea not to grant him bail.

A young hero who bravely said he will never act with Dileep again, had to eat his words and make a volte-face, as he was showered with abuses in the social media.

More trouble in the offing?

According to latest reports, two witnesses have given their statement about a meeting that the actor had with the main accused at a shooting location. This has not been confirmed though.

Dileep’s land deals and his business transactions have been investigated as well, as per rumours.
The D Cinemaas land deal

Dileep’s multiplex complex at Chalakudy has been controversial for some time now. There were doubts raised against the land bought by Dileep to build the complex. Now an enquiry has been instituted to find the truth behind the land deal.

The fate of Dileep’s movies

Dileep’s Ramaleela, directed by debutant Arun Gopy was due for release when the events happened. Now nobody knows for certain on when will the film reach the theatres.

, directed by Rathish Ambat, is nearing completion.

Professor Dingan 3D, directed by cinematographer turned director Ramachandra Babu, has just started.

Dileep has several already announced projects in the pipeline including one with Nadhirsha. Dileep is perhaps the top earner of satellite rights in Malayalam cinema, after Mohanlal.

When will these films be released? Or what will happen to his popularity now? Nobody knows the answers for sure.

The jail term

Dileep is facing serious charges that can put him behind bars for many years, if he is proven guilty. Every day is turning out to be crucial for the superstar, as the investigation team is busy collecting proofs to substantiate their charges.

The Janapriya Nayakan, as he is known in Mollywood, has been in the shadow of controversies ever since his marriage with Manju Warrier went through turbulent times. His divorce with Manju and his second marriage with Kavya Madhavan has made him even more controversial.

Is it curtains for the hero? Well, your guess is as good as ours on that. And then who knows if, as in thrillers, there could be more twists in this tale as well.

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