When Jackman's curls almost lost him Wolverine's role

Last Updated: Wed, May 13, 2009 05:47 hrs

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman almost missed out on the chance to play mutant Wolverine in the original X-Men movie because he had to audition with a perm.

The Australian actor reveals he tried out for the action man role nine months before filming for the first X-Men series started that was initially passed over to British actor Dougray Scott.

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Jackman thinks it was his hair that put the casting director off.

"I was doing a musical in London at the time, playing Curly in Oklahoma so I had a perm in my hair. So I put the hat on to do the audition and about halfway through, the casting director was like, 'That was great, could you do one without the hat? I can't really see Wolverine wearing a baseball cap'," Jackman said.

"I took it off and I read about two lines and she goes, 'Cut, put the hat on - now'," he added.

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However things fell in his stride after Scott, who was then also filming for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible, had to continue shooting the film, as it overran its schedule.

Producers for the X-men saga couldn't wait and so Jackman was called for a re-audition for Wolverine's role.

Jackman got the part and the film began shooting four days after the audition in 1999.

Jackman has since then appeared in the X-Men trilogy and revived his roll as the claw-handed mutant in the recently released blockbuster hit X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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