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Pranitha Subhash, Chiranjeevi Sarja, Gurupasad
Joshua Sridhar
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The USP of ‘Whistle’ is that the movie is a remake of the Tamil hit ‘Pizza’. The Tamil movie had limited release in Karnataka during the Cauvery river water sharing dispute last year. So director Prashanth Raj, who shot to limelight through ‘Love Guru’, was under the impression the Kannada version would be a smash hit, as very few people had watched the original. But alas, the director seems to have gone wrong from the beginning, particularly the star cast!

Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, the nephew of south star Arjun, reprises the role played by Vijay Sethupathi. It is not clear whether Chiranjeevi studied the character in the original movie. He seems out of sorts in several scenes and the director’s intervention is evident. The actor was dormant for two years before Varadanayaka, which was lying in the cans, was released earlier this year. The limited success of the movie landed him in ‘Whistle’.

The story of the movie remains the same; the protagonist does not believe in supernatural powers like his live-in partner (Pranitha Subhash). But his life takes a horrible turn following his forced wedding to his girlfriend and the delivery of a pizza! Unfortunately, the unlike the original, the suspense build-up in the Kannada version is not up to the mark.

While the first half of the movie is interesting, the predictable second half turns boring and insipid. The movie loses pace at times before catching up with the story. Editing could have been better. The highlight of the movie undoubtedly is the cinematography by Santosh Rai Pataje. Another attraction is the melodious music and background score by Joshua Sridhar.

In the performance department, well-known director and dialogue writer Guruprasad excels. But the director has not justified his presence in the movie. Even Chi Gurudutt’s character treatment could have been better. Pranitha Subhash lives up to her expectation sporting her new looks; sadly Chiranjeevi is the biggest drawback of the movie.

Verdict: Average


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