Who killed the brand RGV?

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 06, 2018 11:40 hrs
Ram Gopal Varma

During the late 80's when Telugu cinema was churning out those routine family-based commercial films, there came a movie called Shiva which turned the tide upside down in the industry. Every nook and corner you went, the only discussion was about the film and the man who directed it. He was none other than the wizard Ram Gopal Varma.

For years together, this man was considered as the one who changed the way films were made in Tollywood. Gone were the days where there was over the top reactions and drama. RGV made things so simple that even the serious of the looks from his heroes scared the villains and audience to death.

RGV has completed 25 years in the industry and has won several accolades and introduced some of the top technicians to the industry. But from the past five years or so, things have changed rapidly and RGV's films have been flopping so badly that the critics and the audience have written RGV off completely these days as there is no excitement left whatsoever.

RGV's name itself used to be enough to draw the audience to the theatres but the same movie screens are now empty on the first day itself which is a tragedy in its own way. Insult to injury has now happened when RGV's latest film Officer did not even manage to collect one crore and is running a deficit. This is no less a shame for the maverick director who many say that he has lost his Midas touch.

RGV has always decided to go against the tide and do films. Some have clicked and some haven't but he did not stop from trying new things. But the situation has become so worse that the trade has written him off, actors do not want to work with him and all his old and senior friends are only giving him chances out of gratitude.

Many are now predicting that the end has finally come and no one other than RGV needs to be blamed for drowning down to such a situation.

If one can remember, the initial backlash started when RGV made the cult classic Sholay into a joke in the form of Aag. Since then, there have been multiple instances when the audience did not like what he was making. A string of flops, experiments like the Ice Cream made his die-hard fans to stop watching them.

One of the other major reasons for his downfall is the manner in which RGV carried himself off-screen. He makes so much fuss on social media and trolls everyone but the quality of his films have become enough fodder for trolling.

Many thought that he has lost it but there were some who still believed that he can make a comeback. But his comeback was so brutal that he made a conspiracy against a star actor just to create awareness about the casting couch in the industry. This led to a major backlash and RGV was hated to a different level.

Having said all this, RGV is a man who can come back at any time because he has that talent and the grip on the technology which is changing every single day. If there is anyone who can come out of this mess and save himself it none other than RGV himself. Well, will that happen, will we get to see a new RGV in the future?

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