Why AB refused fee for Paheli?

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 21, 2005 06:35 hrs

Tie the tongues!

Contrary to gossip mills, the amount Amitabh returned wasn't 1 crore, it was 51 lakhs
And unlike what rumors say, Shahrukh never forgot to sign the cheque

So what really happened?

Shahrukh requests his idol, Bachchan, to do a special appearance in Paheli, he says yes without second thoughts. Paheli saw some blitzkrieg shooting happening and the schedule was wrapped in 53 days flat! While leaving on the last day of shoot, AB found a bunch of flowers and an envelope that he mistook for a 'Thank You' note. But soon realizes that it is a check. He returns the check. Shahrukh is pleasantly surprised at the gesture, “I think it was very kind of Amitji to do the film for free. If Paheli works; that is despite the brilliance of a man like Amol Palekar, it would have to be due to the good wishes of Amitabh Bachchan” the superstar went on record.

Why Big B refused the paypacket…

“Shahrukh is a friend, I did Paheli for him” the Shehenshah starts off. “There have several instances where I have done films for friends and not necessarily because I believed in them. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy my work in Paheli. But I did Paheli not because I wanted to carry a fat pay cheque home; the reasons are more emotional here. Paisa hi sab kuch hi nahi hota, nah” he treats us to the popular Bachchan Hindi.

“Besides, my refusing the remuneration has been blown out of proportion, with stories like Shahrukh forgetting to sign the cheque and some such ridiculous reports. None of that happened' he brushes off nasty rumors that ply the episode. “Receiving a monetary compensation for the work you have done is fine. But what really matters to me is when Shahrukh goes up on stage on the Filmfare night to pick his Power award and says, 'Power to me is Amitabh's performance in Black'. Now that is what I take back home. Mujhe aur kya chahiye?” he asks plainly.

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