Why are film makers upset with online reviews?

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 28, 2017 09:23 hrs

Kollywood has been always been against online reviews, especially the ones on YouTube.

Thala Ajith’s Thursday release Vivegam which carries mixed reports among audiences is not an exception. Many online and newspaper
reviews trashed the film and all the online reviews on You Tube are trending and garnering views in lakhs.

Apparently team Vivegam, hardcore Ajith fans and some of the directors in the industry have come out in open to speak against such online reviewers (and the interesting fact is that director Arun Vaidyanathan who has not watched the film has also expressed his concern)! Now, Raghavendra Lawrence and GV Prakash Kumar has also asked reviewers to be kind to filmmakers and give time for films to settle down (!!)  

What they have to realize is that it is a free country and its one's own choice whether they like a film or not. It does not matter for a common man who pay their hard earned money to watch a film in theaters and to judge a film by the presence of  a big star, the cost or the effort  and hard work that went into its making!   

It all started when a guy called 'Blue Shirt' who is an extremely popular online reviewer came up with his take on the film. His review of Vivegam is being appreciated and hence the video got over 1.5M views Read his review right here:

Director Vijay Milton of Goli Soda fame uploaded a video requesting a YouTube reviewer to be constructive and compared film making process with giving birth to a child. "No one is here to make bad films. Will you mock at a couple attempting for another child after delivering a physically challenged baby?", asked Milton. (Is this a fair comparison Mr Milton?)  

Watch Vijay Milton's video here:

Vivegam's editor Antony Ruben also posted a long Facebook post to describe the negativity and hatred around the film. "Glory to God I see many elements against cinema in the recent past, where technology is become very handy & every single person is become a reviewer!

Despite the negative reviews and not-so-good word of mouth, Vivegam took a good opening thanks to the long holiday weekend. 

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