Why did you spare Boby Chemmanur? Siddique questions mob attacks on Dileep

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 13, 2017 15:13 hrs

Actor Siddique has warned against mob vigilantism on Dileep before a court trial.

Here is a translation of the actor's Facebook post:
"Like every Malayalee, I wish that Dileep is punished if he is guilty. At the same time, I have a small question.

"A few months ago, allegations and a sting video had surfaced about Boby Chemmanur. The jeweller was accused of tearing apart a woman from hair to toe with threats, cruel abuse and forced exhibitionism. No one was able to move a finger or even touch Boby Chemmanur on this. The same media, feminists, politicians and Kerala's fully literate citizens who are baying for Dileep's blood were blind to the news on Chemmanur.

"I have one question for Kerala's youth leaders who attacked the establishments of a man who has not yet been declared guilty by a court and has already been arrested based on criminal charges: Why didn't you stretch your backbone to raise a slogan or destroy any of the stores owned by Chemmanur?

"If Dileep is guilty, he will be punished. The media trial before that is petty.

"Let me add the media ethics I learned has taught me that until the court delivers a verdict, a man is not the guilty party, but only one charged with an offence."