Why men cheat on women when it comes to sex revealed!

Last Updated: Sun, Nov 18, 2012 06:20 hrs

A rise in cheating scandals in every generation, has prompted many to ponder over why exactly men cross the line.

According to some, it's either due to a sense of entitlement or insecurity.

Some feel owed, while others feel they will never get laid again, the Huffington Post reported.

It is believed that men can only stay attracted to the same partner for three years, so they tend to look for greener pastures following the expiry of that period.

Some just lay it's down to the need for sex when it comes in short supply from their partners, and If not caught, marriages last for years.

Men also see a few characteristics/traits their wives don't have in other women, and exploit them both for their satisfaction.

Affairs also arise when there is lack of sex between partners, and romance dies between the two.

According to some, it happens because men are insecure, impulsive people that live to impress each other by boasting about their sexploits.

And because men can remove emotion from sex, it's easier for them to cheat, feel others. (ANI)

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