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Jayaram, Bhavana
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Winter remained in the cans for some years and now after watching the film, we hope that it remained there forever! Well, cruel it may be, but that is the first thing that you feel as you come out of the theatres after watching this insipid drama.

It's meant to send a chill down your spine and obviously, that is exactly what you look forward to while going for a horror flick. But what lacks here is a credible storyline and justification for all those meaningless drama that is being shown on screen. The movie is full of gimmickry where you are shaken up by the background scores, falling vessels, irritating door bell and darkness. Fair enough, but at the end of it there should be a story and that is exactly where the movie fails to deliver.

Dr.Ramdas (Jayaram) is a surgeon, married to Shyama (Bhavana) and the couple has two young daughters. They decide to shift their residence after their elder kid develops some psychiatric problem. The new bungalow that they buy is a perfect one for a spooky tale, standing tall in a deserted village. The incidents that happen from then on are meant to sound and look scary to the hilt, but instead you find it contrived or artificial.

Winter looks decent enough at the beginning but soon after the story loses its grip. The narration seems to go on and on without an end, which makes it boring after a while. What one look forward to in a horror movie is an engrossing story that takes the viewer into a different world altogether, but such things are sorely missing here. The background score is nice in parts but often it sounds too boisterous without any logic. The visuals are okay but the music is nothing to rave about.

Jayaram has done a nice job, though there is nothing much to do for him other than to repeat what he has done in his earlier films. Bhavana looks visibly out of place as the mother of two kids and has just the same expression in her face most of the time. The rest of the cast including Manoj K Jayan and T G Ravi have nothing much to do. Vijeesh aka Noolunda has some comic acts to perform, but he seems to be in a hurry to complete his job, which makes it ineffective.

Winter has some scary moments for sure, but we need more than that to be entertained at the theatre. To sit through this drab tale could be a scarier thing than the action on screen! The best option could be to grab a copy of some classic horror flicks from yesteryears and holler in the darkness of your drawing room.

Verdict: Avoid


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