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Ya Yaa

Ya Yaa
Ya Yaa
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The current trend in Tamil cinema is that just having funny people on board is enough to make a film run. There is no script, the comedians have a free run with their comic one-liners and gags.

Debutant director Rajasekaran?s Ya Yaa takes this busy comedy highway with kings of good time Santhanam and Shiva, and ends as a cropper. Shiva and Santhanam, are called Dhoni & Sehwag while their characters real name is Ramarajan and Rajkiran!

And as an additional comedy safety measure, Powerstar Srinivasan is added to the brigade to parody popular actors and punchlines from their films. Plus there is a buck toothed comic ?villie? Devadarshini who runs riot and two heroines Sandhya and Dhansika for the oomph factor.

There is no story or basic screenplay just a few gags and slipping on the banana peel type of laughter. Dhoni (Shiva) and Sehwag (Santhanam) are like Tom and Jerry constantly on each other?s throat at the same time pretend to be buddies.

They do not have proper jobs as they live of others and make merry boozing and brawling. Dhoni who makes a pass at every girl he meets finally falls for Seeta (Dhansika), while his ?mama ponnu? Kanaka (Sandhya) a cop falls for the other ?fraud? Sehwag. Meanwhile a buck-toothed councillor (Devadarsini) takes a liking for Dhoni and asks Sehwag to sabotage his love life!

It is Shiva?s third film of the year and he does exactly what he did in his previous films with same style and flaccid punch-lines that falls flat.

There was a time when you could count on Santhanam to deliver a few good laughs. The once dependable comedian is now reduced to a mere caricature of his earlier self as he seems to be terribly overexposed and is still flogging the same formulas over and over again.

Powerstar Srinivasan does a mimicry act of all leading men in Kollywood. What is the actress of the calibre of Dhansika doing here? Sandhya makes a comeback as Santhanam?s love interest. Vijay Ebenezer?s music is bad.

Hanging off a wafer-thin premise that barely holds, this film is repetitive and boring, and doesn't even give its actors much scope to push their comic boundaries. Ya Yaa on the whole is a dumb film where the laugh is clearly on the audiences.

Verdict - Avoidable


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