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Yaare Koogadali review

Yaare Koogadali
Puneet Raj Kumar, Bhavana, Yogish, Sindhu Lokanath, Ravishankar.
Hari Krishna
Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar
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Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar`s Yaare Koogadali is a remake of the Tamil hit Porali directed by Samuththirakani.

Samuththirakani rectifies some errors in the original with this remake and has tried to give some fresh feel for the film. It is not a frame by frame copy of the original, but Yaare Koogadali impresses the audience with its rich production values, fast narration and good performances from Puneet, Bhavana, Yogi and Ravishankar.

The director narrates a gripping story laced with elements of thrill and later a touch of comedy. But as the interval approaches the drama builds up. The last thirty minutes is spell binding.

Samuththirakani has to be complimented for writing such a tight script. In a way the film will be noted for a very entertaining package right from the first sequence. The soft romantic flow, the intrigue and deceit provide a realistic touch to the film. The cameraman Sukumar, music director Hari Krishna and editor Deepu S Kumar have done a good job.

Guru Prasad`s dialogues are good. The film starts with two inmates of a mental hospital, Kumar and Natesh, escaping in the dead of night. They come to a city to stay with a friend. They independently start a firm.

Meanwhile, Kumar is being chased by his relatives who want to take over the property belonging to him. Watch the movie to figure out what happens next.

Puneet`s character with two shades has been essayed well. But for the tag of the remake it is certainly an award winning performance. Yogi gels well with Puneet, while Bhavana is outstanding in her expressions.

Ravishankar is once again menacing and Malavika is full of energy in perhaps her first negative role. Shobharaj, Smitha, Rakesh Adiga, Mico Nagaraj and Achyuth Rao fit the bill perfectly.

Yaare Koogadali is a perfect watch for family audience.

Rating: Three and a half stars.


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